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Eco-Friendly & Biodegradable Phone Cases (0)

Make a positive impact with eco-friendly iPhone 13 cases and iPhone 12 cases. Eco Art and Eco Slim are made from 100% natural materials that are durable enough to last as long as you have your device. Our biodegradable protection is just one part of our sustainable pledge.

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Natural never looked so good with Tech21’s eco-friendly cases. Combining innovative materials with exclusive artwork and cool colours, these slim cases are the result of our extensive research, rigorous testing and ability to think differently. Our Eco Art cases feature stunning, on-trend designs by our own team of artists, while our Eco Slim cases are lightweight and always ready for impact.

The phone cases in our Eco range are made from game-changing, natural materials that offer the premium protection you've come to expect from Tech21 – while leaving no microplastics or chemical residue in the environment. From the colourful Eco Slim to the beautiful Eco Art range, these biodegradable iPhone 13 cases and environmentally friendly phone cases for iPhone 12 are made for today and our future.

Thinking of buying a compostable phone case instead? Bear in mind the levels of durability and how many replacements you may end up buying... Find out more about the benefits of biodegradable phone cases vs compostable phone cases.

You'll find eco-friendly iPhone 13 Pro cases and iPhone 12 Pro cases in a variety of on-trend colours in our collection:
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