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Tech21 phone brand partnerships

Stronger Together

You may have noticed on our (100% recyclable, by the way) packaging that it mentions Tech21 cases are ‘Made for Samsung’ or ‘Made for Apple’. But what does that mean?

Well, let us explain… We are one of the few case manufacturers that works directly with the leading manufacturers to ensure that our cases offer the perfect fit and don’t block any features, functionalities or connections. We’re proud to have developed partnerships with Apple, Samsung and Google (to name just a few) over the years and this bond continues to go from strength to strength as we work together on each new device.


Working with device manufacturers allows us to take every curve and contour into consideration, which couldn’t be more important when it comes to buttons. Our iPhone cases, Samsung cases and all others are designed to fit perfectly around every button on your device, enabling accuracy so smooth that you might even forget the case is there. In fact, our Evo Check cases come with spare sets of buttons that let you mix up the colour of your case.

Tech21 Samsung Evo Clear phone case


There’s nothing worse than battling with bad signal, poor WiFi, 5G or temperamental Bluetooth. Rest assured that Tech21 cases will never get in the way of your connections. Each product is designed with the specific device’s features and connection in mind.

Camera Clarity

With more and more devices offering state-of-the-art cameras, this feature continues to take centre stage. Lenses come in many different shapes and sizes, which is why we design our cases’ lips to offer enhanced protection around them. Perfect spacing ensures your lens is protected but never covered, while our expert finish complements the flash function. This feature is especially important on our iPhone 13 Pro Max cases.

Tech21 Evo Clear MagSafe iPhone 13 cases


We love wireless charging, because sometimes cables just get in the way. This is why all of our cases support wireless charging functionalities, no matter what device you own. Our products may offer rock-solid protection, but rest assured that they will never interfere with any wireless capabilities – and our latest iPhone cases are compatible with MagSafe chargers. We also now have MagSafe-integrated iPhone 13 cases that connect with both chargers AND accessories.