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Our mission: Create the most intelligent protection on the planet

Biodegradable Protection

We make 20 million cases a year and this leaves an impact on the environment. We’re determined to do better and as part of our more sustainable approach, our science and materials team have developed 100% biodegradable Eco cases.

Sustainable Protection

We’ve created a number of game-changing impact-resistant materials, including FlexShock, in the past and were committed to ensuring these eco-friendly phone cases were made from sustainably produced and responsibly sourced materials. It was also vital they provide customers with the levels of multiple drop protection they’ve come to expect – while leaving no microplastics in the environment.

Eco Range

It took our science and materials team 18 months to develop the Eco range, with the first case we engineered being a bit too compostable and breaking down far too quickly… We saw this as a challenge and re-engineered the formula with composite materials including cork and wood filler, making sure the case was solid and tweaking the design to add in air pockets that help soak up any impact.

We are taking great pride in our more environmentally friendly approach and this is just the start of our journey to greater sustainability…


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