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Why would you drop your phone from the top of a two-storey house? We’re not sure, but if you do, make sure you protect it with Evo Max. Built to withstand not just one but multiple drops up to 20ft, this is our most protective case yet. Made with layers of tough-wearing materials, this robust, resilient and rugged iPhone 13 case is ready for anything that life (or you) throws at it – from long days working outside to epic hikes and all other aspects of your day-to-day life.


If your iPhone 13 was falling from this kind of great height with any other case on it, e.g. an Otterbox Defender, you probably wouldn’t feel too relaxed about the end result. However, with Tech21’s Evo Max iPhone 13 case reaching new heights when it comes to drop protection you can relax safe in the knowledge that the only thing worse for wear will be you after running down the stairs.

Evo Max offers over 6x more effective impact protection than Otterbox Defender and outperforms all other best selling rugged cases in our independent tests. We’ve ensured that our most protective ever case keeps an iPhone safe from damage from 20 drops up to 20ft – more than twice the maximum height our competitors claim to protect from after just one drop.

Why are we so confident in Evo Max’s tough-wearing materials? It’s because it’s made with FlexShock, our patented and top-secret impact material that absorbs over 90% of impact energy on every drop. With protection that doesn’t so much outperform the competition as it does blow them away, Evo Max is an unbeatable and practically unbreakable choice when it comes to protecting your iPhone 13.

Evo Max Vs Best selling Competitors

We tested our brand new Evo Max phone case against the most protective phone cases from competitors including Otterbox Defender, UAG Monarch and LifeProof NËXT. The results showed that Evo Max is:

The Winning Formula – Our Most Protective Case Yet

Rugged, durable and prepared for anything your life throws at it, our Evo Max iPhone 13 case is made with layers of tough-wearing protective materials and features a sliding camera cover and charge port cover to protect your phone from dirt, dust and drops.

According to our independent test results, Evo Max offers:


more effective than Otterbox Defender*


more efficient impact protection than LifeProof NËXT


more efficient impact protection than UAG Monarch

*Impact energy absorption. Please note all test claims have been verified using methods independently approved by the UK’s National Physical Laboratory.

Maximum protection, lighter materials

In addition to the weight and energy of these cases, we examined their profiles and discovered that Evo Max is:


slimmer than Otterbox Defender


slimmer than UAG Monarch


slimmer than LifeProof NËXT

This means there is no unnecessary bulk on your phone and that it’s easier to carry around, wherever you may be heading – especially with its convenient belt clip holster.