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Tech21 recycled phone case

100% Recycled phone cases

We are constantly innovating and adapting our design and production processes to minimize our levels of waste and ensure less stock ends in landfill. We’re aiming to use fewer materials while still offering the same level of multi-drop protection (meaning fewer replacements) and are now excited to introduce Recovrd - the world's first ever range of fully recycled phone cases.

cutting out the landfill

We are the ONLY company to have developed a completely new process where we take excess stock and old phone cases and recycle them into entirely new cases that offer the level of multi-drop protection our customers have come to expect. There are no nasties or virgin plastic included in the manufacturing of these cases. In fact, the only new material added is the formula to ensure the antibacterial phone cases stay hygienically clean.

All of our Evo cases can be recycled to make these 100% recycled Recovrd phone cases. The materials in the Evo cases already come from responsible sources that reduce our reliance on fossil fuels so you can feel good about the fact your new phone case is enjoying a second lease of life.  



We will collect returns and end-of-life products from retail stores.


These products are held at distribution hubs before being transported to our recycling partners.


A mixture of Tech21 products are shredded into pellets ready to be re-used in production.


The pellets are injection molded into recycled phone cases, which are quality checked and packaged.


Boxed and packed Recovrd cases are shipped back to stores, ready for retail distribution.

All of our cases are subject to rigorous testing methods independently approved by the National Physical Laboratory to ensure they offer incredible levels of impact protection – drop after drop – and these recycled cases are no exception. Our team made sure they not only outperformed the competition's (set for landfill, by the way) cases but that they also live up to our high standards of managing 20 drops with no damage.

100% recycled tech21 materials

Made from old Tech21 cases and materials, we're totally crushing on our 100% recycled cases. 8ft (2.4m) impact drop protection, minus the environmental impact. Now if that isn't a case for reincarnation, we're not sure what is…

Tech21 recycled phone case
Tech21 recycled phone case

Named Beeco's Most Classy Recycled iPhone Case

"Their 100% recycled Recovrd cases are made using excess and returned Tech21 cases. And the result is this hygienically clean iPhone 12 eco case. A clever way to cut down internal waste and minimise their CO2 footprint! We discovered that the black case is simple and elegant up close.”

It’s not all about the case…

While making recycled phone cases cuts down on the amount of waste during our manufacturing process, we’re also pleased to say we’re thinking smarter throughout our business. For example, we have removed all plastic from our fully recyclable packaging – saving 42 tons of plastic every year.

Tech21 recycled phone case

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