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Tech21 blue Evo Check iPhone 12 phone case

Multi-Drop Phone Protection – guaranteed

We get that people are going to drop their expensive devices from time to time... That’s why we design phone cases strong enough to protect drop after drop.

Tried & Tested

We’re not into making bold claims without backing them up, which is why we test all of our protective cases – and if they don’t reach Tech21’s standards, they don’t go into production. Our experienced in-house science and materials team develop game-changing cases and rigorously test them using state-of-the-art equipment loaded with sensors that measure all kinds of impacts on the function of your device – both externally and internally.

Tech21 phone case testing methods

What is a drop test?

Drop tests are the only real way to ensure that every aspect of a device is protected. We test each Tech21 case over 20 times (that’s more times than any other case manufacturer) to ensure that its tough protection lasts.
Our scientists then carry out additional testing – often in partnership with the phone manufacturers themselves – to ensure customers receive the best, science-backed tech protection available.

For each drop test, Tech21’s equipment:

• Generates 30,000 data points per incident.
• Produces 150,000 calculations – that’s over 3 million on cases that are typically tested 20 times.

Tech21 partnership with NPL


Still not convinced? You don’t just have to take our word for it, as the UK’s National Physical Laboratory – the market leader in cutting-edge measurement science – has independently inspected and endorsed all of our product testing methods, which is kind of a big deal.

This independent institute has developed and maintained measurement standards for over a century. As a totally impartial organisation, the NPL only endorses products and services that fully live up to their claims – and we’re the only case manufacturer to use methods approved by the NPL.

This means that Tech21 customers can have complete confidence in our product testing, and our products themselves. Our claims may be bold, but they’re backed by rock-solid science.

As part of our product testing methods, we check the following

Tech21 phone case fit


Tech21 phone case abrasion


Tech21 phone case UV resistance

UV Resistance

Tech21 phone case port


Tech21 phone case audio


Tech21 phone case camera