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Tech21's iPhone 12 MagSafe cases and iPhone 13 MagSafe cases allow you to remain fully charged, no matter where in the galaxy you're planning on heading. The best MagSafe cases around, our MagSafe-compatible cases are designed to reach the full 15w power of a MagSafe charger, while our MagSafe-integrated cases have magnet array built into them so that they always work seamlessly with chargers AND accessories.

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Tech21’s MagSafe iPhone 13 cases and MagSafe iPhone 12 cases provide you with complete connection and perfect protection. Apple has proudly proclaimed the superpower of iPhone 13, drawing particular attention to its dual-camera system and lightning-fast chip and our teams have worked hard to ensure Tech21’s MagSafe cases are ready for everything modern life throws at them.

MagSafe is a major feature of any newer iPhone and we’ve developed cases that reflect this – and the importance of keeping that all-important battery life at a high percentage, wherever you are going. Whether you choose a MagSafe-compatible case or MagSafe-integrated case, Tech21’s iPhone MagSafe cases will take some of the stress out of your day – both when it comes to protection and keeping fully charged. MagSafe compatible means the cases will reach the full 15w power of a charger, while MagSafe integrated has magnets actually built into the case materials to work perfectly with MagSafe chargers and accessories – ideal for keeping charged on the go.

You’ll find iPhone 12 clear cases with MagSafe, iPhone 12 Pro MagSafe cases and iPhone 12 Pro Max MagSafe cases in our selection, alongside a vast selection of MagSafe-compatible and integrated iPhone 13 cases.