Given we sell the most protective iPhone cases around, you probably know our answer to this question but let’s take a step back and look – driving theory test style – at all of the potential hazards your uncased phone may come across on a typical working day.


We’ve all been there, dozing off while the alarm goes off and desperately trying to turn it off but accidentally knocking your phone off the bedside table. A Tech21 case would keep it safe from damage.


You’re eating the most important meal of the day while scrolling through your phone to keep up with all the latest news and trends. What happens when something shocks you? Yep, that’s your expensive phone now lying broken on your floor.


Time to get yourself in decent condition for the day ahead by having a wash and brushing your teeth. While our cases may not be waterproof, they are antimicrobial and offer protection against those hard bathroom floor tiles if you have a little accident.


As you start on your commute – whether it be walking, by car or public transport – your phone is under all kinds of threats. If you’re out in the fresh air and topping up your steps, it could easily fall out of your pocket, it could drop anywhere in your car and don’t even get us started on those last-morning dashes for trains or buses….


Getting your workplace set up right – with phone in prime position – is important but again, there’s the potential for it to drop off your desk or maybe an overenthusiastic colleague will delight in seeing your brand new phone and want to get their notoriously clumsy hands on it… No case would mean no protection.


It’s time for your mid-morning cuppa and break. Maybe you have a phone call to make? There’s so much going on that you could so easily bump into a colleague or just drop your phone while frantically trying to return that all-important call.


Whether you go out for some exercise with a lunchtime run or prefer to keep things chill on that well-earned break, your phone is again subject to breakage and damage. If you’re running, it could easily fall out of your pocket onto a pavement or road – our cases’ multi-drop protection and scratch resistance will help with that – or if you do stay in, maybe your more relaxed attitude and moment of zen means you won’t give your phone the care and attention it needs.


Things are hotting up with meetings and deadlines to meet and you are perhaps getting a bit stressed – especially if you get an unwanted phone call from a child or significant other asking for something. You slam that phone down with intent. Guess what happens if it’s not protected by a case?


It’s been a long day and now you’re heading home. All of those risks you encountered on the morning commute return and your phone is again likely to be the first thing that drops while hitting the rush. It’s always worth remembering just how important your phone is to your daily life. Where would you be without it? And how annoyed would you be if it broke due to something that could be prevented by simply putting on a case?


You’ve cooked and are ready for a feast and although we all know that phones should be put away at the dining table – how many of us do that, really? – there are even more potential hazards here... Knives, forks and drops off a table. A case would have this all covered.


Whether you’re a sports fan excitedly watching the match and throwing your phone at the screen in celebration (or disgust) or dropping your phone in disbelief at the shocking twist in your latest Netflix binge, the peril your phone is in is not over yet… Again, a Tech21 case gives you the peace of mind that comes with multi-drop protection.


You’re tired and ready to sleep. You plug your phone in and again accidentally knock it off the bedside cabinet or trip over the wire while preparing for bed. Yet again, it could have been saved by a Tech21 case.