Tech21 iPhone screen protector


You know all about Tech21’s iPhone cases and how they’re specially designed to save every element of your phone from damage, no matter how many times you drop it, but did you also know we create screen protectors to provide your device with complete and all-round protection against everyday hazards.

We have two screen protectors – Impact Glass and Impact Shield. Impact Glass is a toughened glass screen protector that is scientifically proven to withstand over 200N of force – that’s 20kg, the size of an elephant’s heart – and is made from non-toxic materials that are all fully recyclable, while Impact Shield is made from layers of tough and responsive film that fits seamlessly around the curves and contours of your iPhone’s screen. We even provide a tool to help those annoying air bubbles disappear while applying it.

Phones come across so many dangers in everyday life – whether left in a pocket or a bag, they could be perilously close to anything with sharp edges and even your fingernails could potentially puncture a hole in them. Our anti-shatter protectors are made with a self-healing formula that instantly smoothes out scuffs and scratches while the built-in antimicrobial protection keeps things constantly clean for as long as you have it on your iPhone.

CAN SCREEN PROTECTORS affect sensitivity?

We test our screen protectors to ensure they are ultra responsive to touch, as we know how important your phone is to you and your day-to-day life. From scrolling through the socials to swiping right or even making a call, we ensure our protectors are ready for your touch. How about face ID? We’ve thought about that, too… Our screen protectors offer a slightly clearer view than leading competitors with less haze meaning your iPhone will recognize you instantly.


When should you replace a screen protector? If you look after it, it can last the lifetime of your device. Check out our How to Apply and Care for your Tech 21 Screen Protector article for top tips on caring for this most essential accessory.