As we venture into an exciting new year and bid farewell to 2023, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on our incredible journey filled with groundbreaking innovation, technological breakthroughs, and most importantly, our amazing customers. From our exclusive Apple collaborations and amazing 5-star customer reviews to the launch of our brand-new military strength cases, this year has definitely been one for the books. Read our last blog post of the year here and relive some of our biggest highlights!



This year, our sustainability mission was pushed to the forefront as we rocked the industry with Recovrd, our market-leading 100% recycled & biodegradable phone case collection. Featuring our signature advanced impact protection from heights up to 10ft, this range is designed to enable us to reduce the impact of plastic waste on our planet - the cases use 100% recycled Tech21 plastics (as we know exactly what is in these materials) and enables to us to create a circular economy process whereby we reuse waste plastic materials that would otherwise have gone to landfill. An amazing step in our sustainability initiative, and we are going to go one step further in the future and aim to introduce this circular initiative across the rest of our product offerings


We hit a major milestone in 2023 with Evo Max. This resilient case is an impressive 21x stronger than the military standard and boasts innovative features that broke the internet – this was our most engaged with social media topic of the year! With its sustainable build, integrated camera shield that slides seamlessly to protect your lenses, our FlexShock™ material which provides an astounding 20ft multi-drop protection for the lifetime of the case and a sophisticated, rugged design, the Evo Max is on the top of many people’s lists for unbeatable impact protection.


This year, we launched our exclusive design-led biodegradable cases for the all-new iPhone 15 range. With never-before-seen features like the integrated kickstand on the Evo Crystal Kick, all-new colourways with Evo Lite, and a strong focus on sustainability with Recovrd and Evo Check, it’s no wonder this range was a total game-changer. With every iPhone launch, we look to make customer-led and design-focused additions to our products, additions that go hand in hand with the advancements from Apple in respect of both aesthetic and design. Our longstanding partnership with Apple means that we hold ourselves to the highest standards in terms of the science and style of these cases, and this collection showcases this effortlessly.


In partnership with Apple, we launched a beautifully minimalistic new collection – Flex Quartz. Showcasing the ceaselessly impressive, embedded UV-Resistant science that we are renowned for, these cases also show off their impressive strength being 15 x the military standard. Not your everyday bulky impact protection case, this sustainable range showcases the advanced science of our FlexShock™ material, being more lightweight and flexible than any other impact material on the market. This allowed our designers to create cases that not only look incredible but take an incredible amount of impact over and over again with absolutely no reduction in efficiency. And of course, because we like our designs to look good too, we added 4 simple yet effortlessly stylish metallic colourways to the MagSafe© elements of the cases, making sure heads turn for all the right reasons when you get your phone out.


We teamed up with Apple once again to create the Flex Pro edition for iPhone – a groundbreaking phone case built for the future. Presenting ethically sustainable materials, a cutting-edge design with 20ft multi-drop impact protection, white FlexShock™ inserts for industry-leading protection, port protection, MagSafe© compatibility and stylishly futuristic glow-in-the-dark elements, this clear case is one guaranteed to turn heads and rigorously lab-tested to take an impact. You can buy this case right now on, and we’re launching it on the T21 site as well early next year, so keep your eyes peeled!


We upped our game this year and increased our product offerings for MacBook and iPad with new sizes and new colours. The Evo Wave range for MacBook Air and Pro is now available in sizes from 13” to 16” with new colours Charcoal and Clear added to the roster, and iPad saw the release of Evo Folio, a beautifully colourful, versatile and premium soft-touch cover for 7th, 8th and 9th generation devices.
We’re also making impact-protected cases for your AirTag accessory, available in a range of vibrant and stylish designs, and perfect for ensuring your tech is kept safe wherever you travel.



2024 will bring our top scientists and designers to the forefront, showcasing their work innovating our industry-pioneering FlexShock™ material in our in-house lab! We’ll be pushing the industry forward once again with our science-backed material formulations that will go into making even stronger cases to protect your tech – material formulations that are only available from us. We slowly introduced some of those innovations with our release of Flex Quartz earlier this year, with the use of fully transparent FlexShock™ material inserts, which allow us to maintain our UV-resistant excellence in our clear case ranges, whilst utilising our industry-redefining impact science to create the strongest clear cases available on the market. There’s plenty more to see when it comes to this signature material, so keep an eye out for more news!


Like we did with the Evo Max, we have been putting our products through rigorous military-strength tests. Unlike some companies, who simply build their products to the basic military specification so they can ‘say’ their products are military standard, we actually design, build, test and refine our products to exceed these specifications, ensuring that we don’t just ‘say’ our products are military strength, we ‘prove’ it. So far along with Evo Max, we have put our Evo Crystal, Flex Quartz and Evo Clear ranges through these same tests, and will be continuing this with the rest of our product offerings in 2024 to ensure that each of our collections deliver the high-level of strength, functionality and durability that we are renowned for.

Alongside this, we will be continuing our Sustainability initiative by embedding our products with our Waste Responsible Innovation ‘bio-spice’, which enables our products to biodegrade into the earth harmlessly once you’re finished with them. This feature is working its way through our collections, from Recovrd, Evo Check, Evo Max, Evo Crystal and more, and we’ll be ensuring that this feature is present in all our future releases to come. We don’t just protect your tech here at Tech21, we protect our planet too.

It's been an exciting year here at Tech21, and 2024 looks to be just as jam-packed with scientific innovation, new products, and the return of some long-standing partnerships with Apple, Samsung, Google and more. We hope you have a brilliant Christmas and New Year, and look forward to bringing you more of our innovative and advanced science designs to protect your tech.