Tech21's toughest phone cases with FlexShock

When you stop and think about the amount of hazards your much-loved tech faces on a daily basis, it really is quite extraordinary that they’re not damaged more. Of course, a Tech21 product – whether it’s a phone case, MacBook case or iPad case – gives you that extra peace of mind when it comes to protection.

Every product we make is tested to ensure it keeps your device safe from multiple drops – and if it can’t resist 20 drops, it doesn’t go into production. It really is that simple.

We pride ourselves on our pioneering protection and FlexShock™ is the result of our out-of-the-box thinking and smarter designs. An exclusive material that absorbs the impact of any drop or fall instead of the device, FlexShock™ is included in the bumpers – the key pressure points – of our cases and is scientifically proven to absorb 90% of impact energy every time. It’s smart, flexible and can be made in any colour – meaning it’s stylish as well as super protective.

You’ll find FlexShock™ in our toughest phone cases:

Evo Check

Evo Tactile

Evo Max

Having sold over 21 million units to date, Evo Check is Tech21’s signature case and is available for most smartphones. Coming in a selection of cool colours – check out rubine red for iPhone 13 – and with spare sets of interchangeable buttons, it looks smart and is specially designed to protect every essential element. Our latest edition of Evo Check offers 16ft multi-drop protection, as does Evo Tactile – a more grippy case with tactile ridges to hold on to and complete connection.

If these cases weren’t tough enough already, we also recently launched Evo Max. Not only Tech21’s toughest ever case, but also the most protective rugged case on the market – 6.3x more protective than Otterbox Defender, just saying – it offers complete protection in every situation. Made with layers of FlexShock™ and featuring covers for the camera and charge port, it offers 20ft multi-drop protection – the height of a two-story house.

We’re always looking at ways to be smarter and more protective so expect to see even tougher cases from Tech21 in the very near future…