We’re heading towards the spookiest time of the year but even those ghouls, ghosts and Ghostbusters need something to keep their phones and tech protected as Halloween approaches. And what better way to do this than with tech21’s killer range of protective cases for essential devices.

Evil Check  a sturdy phone case for Frankenstein’s creature

Frankenstein’s creature is still finding his way through this thing called life and if he was born today, you just know the first thing his creator would do is thrust a smartphone into his hands and instruct him to get on with things. Obviously, the disoriented creature would drop his new phone over and over again… This is where our Evil Check phone case helps as it’s made with game-changing impact-protection materials that protect on up to 20 times more drops than competitors’ cases.

Evil Wallet  tough-wearing, easy-to-clean phones for Ghostbusters

We feel a bit bad with the new ‘Evil’ rebranding for this case as we all know Ghostbusters are true heroes but they certainly need a case that is convenient, hard-wearing and easy to clean – especially with their habit of getting slimed on a regular basis. With space for bank and loyalty cards and a secure clasp to keep it all in place, our Evil Wallet iPhone 12 case has everything these characters need when heading on a Busting trip.

Evil Clear  magical self-cleaning cases for witches and wizards

Ok, so with their wands, you may not think witches and wizards have much use for modern technology but imagine how much easier it would be to escape the Forbidden Forest if they had a smartphone in their hands? Or on the flipside, how much quicker you’d be able to track a certain bespectacled boy’s whereabouts? Our Evil Clear phone cases not only showcase the original beauty of the devices but also magically smooth off scuffs and scratches.

Scream Shield  a scratch-resistant screen protector for Freddy Krueger

We know Freddy’s never seen without his bladed glove but how would he navigate the maps on GoogleDreams to pinpoint his next victim without scratching his phone case to pieces? Well, our selection of Scream Shield screen protectors may just provide the answer… These toughened glass screen protectors protect against sharp scratches and have a self-healing finish.

Protect your most valuable tech this Halloween with tech21’s monstrously good protective phone cases and AirPods covers.