You’ve never experienced a phone case like FlexPro before.

Developed by our Science and Design teams in partnership with Apple, this case was the result of months of hard work and research, culminating in a design first for Tech21, and a beautifully executed piece of advanced impact science that iPhone 15 users will love for years to come.


Built with our industry pioneering FlexShock material, FlexPro delivers strength an astounding 21x stronger than the military standard*, multi-drop protection from heights up to 20ft and has in-built impact absorbing inserts to ensure that no matter how many times you drop your iPhone, the case will continually reform itself using heat dispersion from impact force to protect your device time and time again. This material science is what sets Tech21 apart from the rest of the industry, and is what makes us the partner of choice for global brands like Apple.


One of the 3 core pillars of Tech21 is our focus on sustainability, from our manufacturing through to our packaging. To this end, we have designed an innovative biodegradable formula we like to call our ‘bio-spice’ which enables the enhanced cases we create to break down

into the earth harmlessly once they enter a landfill environment. Essentially, this bio-spice makes our cases appealing and tasty to the bacteria found in these environments, and encourages a fast and natural breakdown of the material, leaving no trace of harmful microplastics behind. FlexPro is designed to be over 60% biodegradable**, as the MagSafe© elements are not yet sustainably made. But you can bet once they are, we will make sure all our products reach 100% biodegradability. We are at the forefront of environmentally conscious impact science, and we aim to protect our planet as much as we protect your tech.


In order to stand out amongst the sea of iPhone cases, together with Apple we decided to go for a design that speaks to subtlety and ‘quiet luxury’ rather than an overtly colourful and ‘loud’ aesthetic.

We landed on this final design after much debate, utilising smart port protective covers, a clear, almost frosted body with white FlexShock inserts and a brand-new glow-in-the-dark MagSafe© ring, mechanical buttons and included lanyard. This fluorescent feature is the highlight of the case, transitioning it from day to night effortlessly, and gives it a head-turning appeal that will make you proud to show off your phone. Whether you’re in the club, at a live music gig or simply walking through the city at night, this is a standout piece of material impact science, with a design that not only enhances your iPhone 15’s design but enhances your personal style too.

Packed full of advanced impact science, sustainable materials and design innovations that turn heads, FlexPro is the case for style conscious iPhone 15 users who don’t want to sacrifice the planet, or their personal style, for protection. With Tech21, you don’t have to compromise as we deliver real science for the real world, so grab your FlexPro case today, and start living life, your way.

Tech21. Built for Life. Made for Impact.

***More than 60% of this case is biodegradable.

These cases feature our in-house Waste Responsible Innovation technology that will biodegrade in landfill environments in a matter of just a few years. Our materials have been independently tested by Eden Research Laboratory, Albuquerque, USA.

This product is not considered biodegradable in some parts of the world, including California, Maryland, Washington and France.