Chinese New Year 12 February 2021 tech presents

Chinese New Year falls on 12 February this year. It is often known as Spring Festival or Lunar New Year and it is the grandest and most colourful festival in Chinese culture. Chinese New Year remains the most important occasion for generations of families to reunite and spend time together. Generally, it is the time to be at home with family catching up, drinking, cooking and eating hearty meal together. 

According to the Chinese zodiac, this year is the Year of the Ox. The Ox years include 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009 and 2021 – were you born in one of them? 

How to decorate for Chinese New Year 

Decorations are often put up around the house a week before Chinese New Year. The most popular choice are the Chinese red lanterns – they symbolise family reunions, prosperity and happiness. Red lanterns are usually hung in pairs or more in front of the main door 

Chinese Fu characters (translates as ‘blessing’ and ‘good fortune’) and paintings are also essential decorations. The characters are pasted on doors or windows and sometimes upside down (when inverted it reads as ‘dao’ in Chinese or ‘coming’ in English). The inverted Fu characters mean fortune is coming. 

traditional folk handicraft Chinese New Year decoration is the paper cuttings. Paper cuttings are pasted on walls, windows, or doors. It requires a lot of practice and skils to produce a paper cutting, but you can always get one from your nearest Chinese supplies shop. 

Other popular decorations include orchid plants, coloured lights and red fabric décor. 

Gift ideas 

Chinese New Year is also a season of giving. There are some gifts that are never out of fashion – red envelopes with money inside, tea leaves, fruit and health foods. However, there is a growing trend of modern gifts including fitness equipment, toys and snacks. Here at tech21, we’ve rounded up a collection of colourful tech cases to inspire your Chinese New Year celebration:

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