Tech21 Samsung Galaxy S22 and S22 Ultra cases

Samsung has announced its latest range of Galaxy S22 smartphones to much fanfare but have you decided which of the three devices – S22, S22 Plus or S22 Ultra – is the right choice for you? Tech21 is here to help…

S22 & S22 PLUS

Samsung has promised that the latest S22 and S22+ devices make “everyday epic” so it’s no surprise to learn that not only do they have the fastest Galaxy chip ever but that there have also been significant improvements to the all-important camera system.

With a focus on Nightography so that you can capture the perfect shot, whenever and wherever you are, the pro-grade camera is perfect for any shot – from wide angles to superb selfies. It is intelligent enough to offer auto-focus and anti-glare solutions – meaning you no longer have to wait for optimal lighting – and record using all cameras at the same time (Director’s View).

S22 and S22+ also offer stable video recording and the ability to remove photobombers… It’s a slim phone that comes in a selection of cool colours and Smart Switch makes upgrading from your S21 or previous Galaxy phone easy.

Tech21 Evo Clear Samsung Galaxy S22 phone case


  • 128GB (8GB RAM)
  • 256 GB (8GB RAM)
  • 6.6” and 6.1” Display Screen
  • Long-Lasting Battery – Over 24 Hours
  • 4nm Processor
  • Super HDR, Nightography and Enhanced In App Camera
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Colours: Phantom White/Green/Phantom Gold/Phantom Black/Graphite (Samsung Web Exclusive)/Cream (Samsung Web Exclusive)/Sky Blue (Samsung Web Exclusive)/Violet (Samsung Web Exclusive)


Samsung’s S22 Ultra is also a device that pushes the boundaries of smartphone technology. With Galaxy’s fastest and most powerful chip ever and the brightest display settings around, it’s a phone made for the modern world.

It has a fast charge that lasts over 24 hours and the camera’s features range from Super Steady video (say goodbye to blurry memories) and Nightography to Vision Booster technology – an AI system that is smart enough to automatically block the glare of sunlight. S22 Ultra has a special selfie camera, extra-wide cameras for landscape shots and 10x optical zoom so you can see all the finer details and shoot studio-style photography and videography, wherever you may be.

One major difference between S22 Ultra and S22 and S22+ is that the more powerful device comes with a built-in S Pen. This means you can use your phone like a journal, handwriting notes wherever you are, and even controlling it remotely. S22 Ultra also has the ability to wireless power share, meaning dead batteries will be a thing of the past and is set up for Smart Switch. Made from water-resistant aluminium, this innovative piece of tech offers 5G video share, a faster WiFi experience and even more storage space.

S22 Ultra Specs

  • 128GB (8GB RAM)
  • 256 GB (8GB RAM)
  • 512 GB (12GB RAM)
  • 1TB (12GB RAM)
  • 6.8” Display Screen
  • Long-Lasting Battery – Over 24 Hours
  • 4nm Processor
  • Super Clear Lens, Nightography and Night Portrait Mode
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Colours: Burgundy/Green/Phantom White/Phantom Black/Graphite (Samsung Web Exclusive)/ Sky Blue (Samsung Web Exclusive)/Red (Samsung Web Exclusive)


We hope this has helped you make your decision but remember, the smartest tech deserves the greatest protection. Whichever new Galaxy you decide on, make sure you protect it well. We have S22 cases, S22 Plus cases and S22 Ultra cases that offer multi-drop protection and so much more besides.