Back to School tech protection

Whether you’re getting the children prepped for school or heading to university yourself, we have the smartest tech protection around – and every case on offer is fully prepared for the toughest of treatment!

Our MacBook cases are a must for every student heading to university. Designed to keep every element protected while on a commute or in a classroom, these cases come in a variety of styles and offer easy access to every essential port as well as seamless connectivity. Whether designing or typing, the steady feet will keep things stable on a flat surface while the click-on hardshell case ensures this essential (and expensive!) device is fully covered.

If you prefer a tablet – or give one to your child to take to school – then our iPad cases are an essential purchase. Our Evo Play2 cases come in a selection of bright and bold colours and have a rotating handle that makes it easy to pick up and carry around. There’s also extra grip on the rear side of the case to ensure it’s harder to drop, while many come with an Apple Pencil holder.

Of course, we also have phone cases for everyone. Whether you’re desperate to keep your phone safe so you always have access to your lesson plans and Notes app or a child you know just throws their phone in their backpack so their parents or guardians can easily get hold of them, we have the case for you. From clear cases with anti-yellowing properties to the bestselling Evo Check and super-thin and lightweight Evo Lite, there are cases to suit all tastes and needs.